Our Hot tub Covers aren't just as good as traditional hot tub covers, they are better in any way that can be measured. We didn't start out to build the best we were just trying to come up with something we could use ourselves. It just turned out to be so much better we knew other people would be excited about it too. It all started by accident. Literally in this case, an automobile accident that resulted in a painful back injury. While recovering the doctor recommended a) getting hydro-therapy everyday and b) not lifting more than ten pounds. We had a hot tub but the problem was the cover weighed about a hundred pounds.

If we were going to use the hot tub everyday we were going to have to deal with that heavy cover. Since we were already in the canvas business we set out to just build a lightweight cover that would be easy to take on and off.  It started out being little more than a flexible blanket with some closed cell foam covered in vinyl. It worked fine unless it rained. Rain would pool up on top of the cover and so we ended up with a pool on top of the pool so to speak.

So as to keep the rain from pooling on the cover we added an air chamber that would make a nice dome and keep the rain running off. It worked great, and was easy to use. We could use the hot tub and not re-injure our back moving a heavy cover. Then we decided to test it to see what kind of insulation our contraption actually had.

Now remember the goal was just to have an easy to use cover, how well it insulated was just secondary at this point because we really needed the therapy. But the testing surprised us because our new hot tub cover design didn't just insulate as well as the traditional cover, it was better. A lot better. In fact our cover design beat traditional covers in EVERY category. For every weakness traditional hot tub covers have, our cover was the answer.

How Much Better?


The bottom of our hot tub covers lay right on the water. Since the water is what you want to keep warm, putting the insulation in direct contact with it is the best possible solution. Plus the insulation is consistent. With traditional hot tub covers as the foam begins to saturate from the steam (something that happens 100 percent of the time despite what the sales person may claim) the little insulation that the foam did have goes down to nothing. Whereas the hot tub covers we built ten years ago that are still in use, still insulate as well as the day they were first put in service.


Traditional hot tub covers will blow away in a strong wind even when too heavy for one person to lift. After thirty plus years of selling these covers all across the country, including Tornado Alley (wind speeds approaching three hundred miles per hour) there has never been even one of our covers fly away. Take a minute and think about that statement.  during a tornado, homes are literally pulled apart, trees are uprooted, trucks are picked up and slammed into the ground yet not even one of our hot tub covers has ever blown away!


Every few years an area of the country will get an incredible amount of snow and when the spring finally arrives, hot tub owners often find that their covers have been crushed by the heavy wet snow. Unless they have one of our covers. Again, after thirty plus years and selling thousands of covers, not even one has ever been crushed by a snow load. Not ONE.


Same as above. Some parts of the country have severe hail storms about every six months or so it might seem. When these come they tend to pummel traditional foam filled hot tub covers into broken mush. Since our covers can absorb impacts there has never been even one damaged by hail.

Moldy Smell

Again, the traditional hot tub cover has foam that soaks up moisture from steam. That warmth and moisture then make nearly perfect conditions to grow mold and mildew. Then it makes your hot tub smell musty every time you go to use it. Not appealing or healthy. The revolutionary design of our hot tub covers removes the place for this to even start.

 In short, any weakness of traditional hot tub covers is a strength in our covers.

We supply Hot Tub Covers to some of the finest spas, and most exclusive resorts  throughout the United States and around the world providing both ease of use for their clients and easy maintenance for their staff. We use only the top of the line materials and are continuously working to improve our product with innovative ideas.

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